Most CFO’s say NO.
Ours say

A well-run finance function is a growth ENABLER for a company, not a growth LIMITER. When a company’s finance and accounting team is woven into the strategic and operational fabric of a company, the team makes better business decisions that create value for all stakeholders.

We’re Financial Growth Hackers

Sure, we’re a bunch of finance nerds with initials like CFO, MBA and CPA in our bios. But we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurial companies grow. Think of us as financially-astute Growth Operators. We know what a world-class finance and accounting function looks like, and we know how it can help a company grow profitably. We can help you understand the level of finance and accounting horsepower your business has, versus what it needs. And if there’s a gap, we can help you close it, with either ongoing part-time or project-specific resources from our GO CFO team.

The Finance BIG 6

Unless you’re CFO’s like us, you probably don’t know a lot about what really goes on behind that wall where all the bean counters sit. We do. And we know that it’s hard work, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. We know that if companies are strong in the “Big 6” areas of Finance, they will perform at a high level.

  • Financial Planning & Analysis – If a finance team has great analytical talent, strategic plans can become actionable forecasts and budgets that can be used to hold a team accountable to deliver value-creating results. And the company can make business decisions based on in depth analysis, rather than gut feel.
  • Corporate Finance – A strong finance team will ensure that the company always has access to the debt and equity capital it needs to fuel it’s business. And, if the opportunity arises to sell the business or acquire another company, a good finance team will have the company well-prepared.
  • Controllership – The foundation of any strong finance function is a sound system of internal controls, and the means to keep score accurately. Strong finance teams are built on strong controllership.
  • Business Intelligence – Data and information are two different things. Companies these days are swimming in data. But companies with strong finance functions take the meaningful data, add insight to that data, and turn it into information that the company can use to execute at a high level. Stuff that gets measured gets done.
  • Finance and Accounting Operations – Payables need to be paid. Receivables need to be collected. Inventory needs to be managed. Finance teams that manage these operational functions well use capital more efficiently and perform better.
  • Tax/Legal – These often-overlooked areas can have meaningful implications on the value of a company. A robust finance team will work arm in arm with the company’s outside tax and legal resources to limit risk and develop strategies to protect and grow value.
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“GO CFO has helped us analyze acquisition opportunities and on-board new portfolio companies. They’re an on-demand operating extension of our portfolio management teams.”
Nicole Strait, Norwest Equity Partners
“GO CFO helped me understand the key drivers of Load Delivered’s performance, and helped me obtain the capital necessary to fuel our rapid growth.”
Robert Nathan, Load Delivered Logistics
“GO CFO IS my finance team. From forecasting and budgeting, to raising capital, to handling all of my accounting and finance needs, they run the “back of the house” so I can focus on providing the world the best energy and nutrition products available!”
Mark Jensen, GLUKOS
“GO CFO gave us the expertise we needed during our formative stages as a high-growth startup company. They grew with us and ultimately helped us develop our own top-tier in-house finance team.”
Jon Pearce, Zipnosis

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