Project Description

GO Dials-in 400% Increase for BOA with Strategic Growth Plan

BOA leverages GO experience to identify opportunities to build value and drive growth


BOA’s growth had slowed and they were facing many new introductions, constrained launch budgets, limited internal resources, and waning partner commitments.


Utilizing the GO GROW Strategic Planning process, we helped identify the best and most executable opportunities that would accelerate growth and value creation.  Because BOA is an ingredient brand, they had the unique challenge of building a go-to-market plan that would satisfy the technology demands of leading footwear brands (their customers) and communicating a compelling value proposition to end-users (their consumers).


Through a collaborative approach, we helped BOA navigate from eight category priorities to one – golf. The prioritization and additional focus led to accelerated product, sales and marketing activation which resulted in adding 5 more brands adopting BOA technology and almost adding a total of 50 styles in the US. BOA’s revenue is on track to grow 400% since 2014.