Project Description

Bowtech Grows with Fractional Finance

Archery leader chooses GO CFO to help them grow


Bowtech manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment. And when the company grew by making strategic acquisitions of other brands, it needed access to a team that could help the company integrate those acquisitions quickly and efficiently.


GO CFO’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Services Team leapt into action for Bowtech, immediately deploying the resources necessary to begin integrating several different systems onto one common platform. All the while, the Bowtech team could focus on integrating the cultures and operations of the different businesses, knowing that GO CFO was getting the “back of the house” in order.


Bowtech continues to grow its leading position in the archery market, and unveiled the largest number of new products in the company’s history at the Archery Trade Association Trade Show in Louisville, KY in 2016. By bringing GO CFO in to help with the acquisition integration in the background, Bowtech has had the time to truly hit the bullseye with its growing business.