Project Description

GO Partners With High Growth Dealer Teamwork

Startup company leverages GO experience to navigate rapid growth


Dealer Teamwork, a startup in late 2016 that facilitates digital marketing for the car dealership industry, engages GO to setup accounting operations. While experiencing rapid growth in 2017, GO team leads with finance and accounting support throughout 2017 and 2018.


GO CFO provided initial implementation of accounting system and remained relevant as new challenges were faced by providing FP&A, GAAP and accounting function oversight so management could focus on financing, growth and new verticals for their technology. GO CFO identified cost effective accounting and finance solutions that were both cost effective and flexible enough to support 2x quarterly growth in headcount and revenue.


Dealer Teamwork went from 8 employees in 2016 to estimated 100 by summer 2018. Key contracts and financing along the way resulted multi-million dollar growth. Once the company scaled to require an internal dedicated resource, the process and systems established by GO were appropriate for an easy transition.