Project Description

GO Dives Deep Into Sports Hydration for NUUN

A manufacturer and it’s PE partner explore the market opportunity and competitive landscape


In order to take their successful company to the next level, NUUN and Imperial Capital wanted to showcase to potential new investors the significant growth potential NUUN and it’s line of compelling products could yield with additional support from the investment community.


GO designed and implemented a highly detailed quantitative exploration targeting “Active Americans”, designed to estimate the total addressable market (TAM) of the category and NUUN’s line of specialty products, as well as identify the existing and unmet needs of this extremely dynamic market.


The Clients testimonial: “NUUN engaged GO to answer a specific, important question for our business. They answered that question definitively and comprehensively – and in addition delivered a range of actionable insights that we are already using to refine our targeting strategy and marketing plan. A huge success from start to finish!“