Project Description

Taking GLUKOS to market twice as fast

Startup performance nutrition brand accelerates growth in a highly competitive market.


GLUKOS was a startup company six-years in the making. Its founder, Mark Jensen, a former collegiate All-American Runner, now an IRONMAN Triathlete, was not only obsessed with his training, but also with his nutrition. When he looked at the products that were available to fuel his performance, he was not satisfied with existing alternatives, all of which contained unhealthy, artificial ingredients. So he raised seed capital from a group of angel investors and spent six years creating the ultimate performance nutrition product, GLUKOS. And when he needed to unveil GLUKOS to the world, he engaged GO.


GO dove into action and began by working with Mark to identify and understand the customer profiles of GLUKOS target customers, and then developed a complete line of GLUKOS products in order to address each of these different markets. Go then brought the envisioned product line concept to several potential distribution partners to assess their interest. Once we knew the market interest in the product was high, we worked with the company’s existing investors in order to attract new investors to provide the capital necessary to grow the business. After raising several million dollars in a Series A round of financing led by a reputable VC, GO rolled up its sleeves and worked with Jensen to build a management team consisting of both GLUKOS employees, and GO professionals that serve as GLUKOS executives on a fractional basis.


GLUKOS launched its products to the world in June of 2015 and, since then, has become the most awarded performance nutrition brand in the industry.